Services Offered by Kusagra Projects Pvt. Ltd.


Kusagra Projects Pvt. Ltd. is an innovator in mainline cross-country pipeline construction for oil and gas infrastructure. Kusagra Projects continues to offer a unique and diverse group of services for all your project construction requirements. Kusagra Projects has the equipment’s, manpower, resources, and expertise to schedule, manages, and constructs pipelines of any size and length in all terrains. Kusagra Projects construction teams are focused on safety, quality, and efficiency resulting in a cost-effective project executed on time and within budget.

Our experience includes : • Residual Engineering • Construction, Testing & Commissioning • Temporary & Permanent Cathodic Protection • All associated works(Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, Co2, Fire and Gas detection system, Telecommunication, Piping) • Horizontal Direction Drilling • Hot Tapping


Kusagra Projects offers EPC project services and can offer contracts that are structured to help our clients manage financial and other risks associated with projects. Work can be performed on a fixed price, lump sum, cost plus, and a variety of other risk sharing methods. Kusagra Projects can offer construction only as well as E&C or complete EPC contracts. As most projects have the greatest monetary risk in the cost of construction, Kusagra Projects can offer construction expertise early in the project development process and noticeably reduce the total installed cost by implementing the most cost effective and efficient construction techniques and methodology thereby reducing unnecessary costs associated with a project being formally bid out. Kusagra Projects has experience in performance as both prime and subcontractor. Kusagra Projects has devoted many years in developing trusting, mutually beneficial business relationships with complementary pipeline industry leaders. We can earn your confidence by taking the lead and teaming with engineering and design professionals to offer a total bottom line package for your project; offering you total project responsibility and execution in one contract With the virtue of vaste experience and strong financial status, Kusagra Projects can execute any size and any kind of EPC Projects.


Kusagra Projects offers complete facility construction services with specialized and experienced crews for construction of major compressor stations, pump stations, meter stations, LNG facilities, tank farms, liquid handling facilities, and CNG station. Kusagra Projects Station Division has completed several contracts offering construction only, as well as E&C and complete EPC turnkey.

Our experience includes : • Terminal Piping • Control Building Construction • Associated Electrical, Instrumentation, Co2, and Fire and Gas detection system, Telecommunication. • Installation of storage facilities • CNG Station Construction CITY GAS DISTRIBUTIONS • Residuals Engineering • Procurement • Construction, Testing & Commissioning • Operation & Maintenances PIPELINE COMMISSIONING • LPG pipeline Commissioning • Natural Gas pipeline Commissioning • Other Product Pipeline Commissioning • Electronic Geometric Pigging ( Caliper Survey ) • Air Drying • Nitrogen Purging


We are well equipped to execute Horizontal Directional Drilling at any type of complicated length. Our experienced engineers and operators are capable of providing services for Horizontal Directional Drilling for River Crossing, Railway Crossing, Road Crossing, Canal Crossing etc.


• Cross Country Pipeline Operation & Maintenance • City Gas Distribution Network Operation & Maintenance • Emergency Call Out Works • Pipeline Segment Replacement


• Refurbishing & Recoating job • City Gas Distribution Network Operation &Maintenances On-Line Cleaning / Fluid Services • O &M manuals, procedures

Quality & Safety

• Quality Assurance • Quality Policy • Safety • Environmental Protection


Quality is a full time responsibility for our personnel. The Kusagra Projects quality control system is established to be consistent with and technically equivalent and conforming to the International Quality Management and Assurance Standards.

Our Quality Control / Quality Assurance Program ensures that Kusagra Projects as well as that of subcontractors is performed and reported in accordance with the project's Contract Documents by utilizing an organizational team including the Project Manager, the Project Superintendent, Field Superintendents, Crew Foremen, the Project Engineer, and the Purchasing Manager. This team controls documentation issued for the project, assures that all testing is correctly performed and recorded and maintains qualification records.


"We are committed to provide best Quality Services in the field of laying cross country pipeline & associated works to our customers as per their requirements abiding regulations and to the best of their satisfaction. We will continuously upgrade our technical capabilities by enhancing our research facilities, provide adequate training and build a dedicated workforce. We will continuously strive to remain competitive and deliver Quality Services in time, every time and continually improve process performance by review of QualityManagement System."


The Safety and well-being of personnel, property and equipments, whether our customers' our subcontractors or our own, is of primary concern to Kusagra Projects. We strive for full compliance with local, state and federal occupational health and safety requirements. We operate under a comprehensive safety program with a goal of ZERO ACCIDENTS. Our program is readily modified to include site or project specific requirements and, when appropriate, these special practices are permanently incorporated into our regular programs.


Kusagra Projects stresses protection of the environment at all times and all personnel are instructed and trained in the proper handling, storage, and use of possible contaminants. During construction, we clean the working area daily to dispose of excess materials and debris. We remove trash from the job site as necessary. We dispose of oil, paint soaked rags and waste at a sanitary landfill and in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. When construction is complete all signs of temporary construction materials or any other vestiges of construction are cleaned and removed from the project site.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to develop ourselves in the construction business and undertake various turnkey projects of bigger magnitudes. Our Strength Our strength lies with our assets of machinery, equipments, technocrats and the expertise available with us since inception of our organization. Our Mission Our mission is to protect the health and safety of personnel involved in Kusagra Projects while minimizing damage caused to the environment by controlling the hazards and impacts associated with our operations. Our Goal Our goal is to achieve Zero fatalities, Zero Lost Time Accidents, minimize all damage to property, & minimize Damage to the Environment at all locations of Kusagra Projects and to promote and accident and injury free (AIF) Culture. Our Objectives Our objectives are to identify and follow the most suitable and applicable international standards in the construction industry within a STEP CHANGE approach and to preserve a Safe Work Environment.